LIION DEFENSE™ Kydex Holsters & Gear

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High-End Kydex – Made for you, the Modern Warrior

LIION DEFENSE™ specializes in high-end Kydex® holsters and gear.  Our specialty is innovative and modern designs, super high quality materials, and unique customization to meet your needs.


All of the LIION DEFENSE™ Kydex® holsters carries with them the industry’s best warranty.  Once you purchase one of our products, you will experience first-hand what others are rapidly discovering.  LIION DEFENSE™ is leaping onto the personal concealment & tactical stage with unprecedented innovation, integrity, and quality!  Check out our Blog or YouTube Channel for more info and videos

CURRENT BUILD-TIME:   Estimated 6-8 weeks

Why? All of our products are custom designed and built by hand, it takes time to complete this level of craftsmanship for our customers. The time quoted above is an estimate based on current volume, but the actual time may fluctuate up or down.

LIION DEFENSE™ Refund Policy