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Why Liion Defense™?

High-End Kydex – Made for you, the Modern Warrior

LIION DEFENSE™ specializes in high-end Kydex® holsters and gear.  Our specialty is innovative and modern designs, super high quality materials, and unique customization to meet your needs.

Once you purchase one of our products, you will experience first-hand what others are rapidly discovering. LIION DEFENSE™ is leaping onto the personal concealment & tactical stage with unprecedented innovation, integrity, and quality! Check out our Blog or YouTube Channel for more info and videos.

Lifetime Warranty

Simply the best LIFETIME, Transferable Warranty in the industry.

We guarantee ALL our Liion Defense™ Gear with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our LIFETIME Transferable Warranty is on every Liion Defense™ product that leaves our manufacturing facility. We provide an unparalleled product so it goes to reason that we would offer an unmatched-in-the-industry LIFETIME Transferable Warranty! Some “others” make wild claims to be the best… We are the best!

Why Kydex?

Why is Kydex a better holster material than leather or other materials?

  • Unlike leather and fabric, Kydex doesn’t absorb moisture and pass it on to your weapon
  • Kydex has increased stiffness for a clean draw stroke
  • Kydex retains its shape giving clean reholstering every time
  • Kydex provides superior gun fit for better retention in everyday and extreme conditions

Superior Design and Craftsmanship

We take pride in our superior design and craftsmanship.

  • We use a thicker .08″ Kydex than many competitors
  • We have created a unique smooth-back IWB holster to create a tighter, more comfortable fit against the body with no need for leather or other padding.
  • All edges and corners that are against the body on IWB and APX holsters are radiussed by hand for comfort
  • Our mag holsters have flared openings for faster holstering with no loss of retention or security.