Tripple Double Kangaroo Glock pmag
Tripple Double Kangaroo Glock pmagTripple Double Kangaroo Glock pmagtriple double kangaroo mag pouch magazinetriple double kangaroo mag pouch magazine

TDK | Triple Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch


TripleDouble Kangaroo mag pouch | Custom Kydex | MOLLE capible

Color *

Pistol Mags *

Rifle Mags *

Right or Left Handed *

IF you are RIGHT HANDED say RIGHT as it will be worn on your left side.

Curved or Flat *

Bullet Orientation *

Usual is bullets forward with bullets on AR back. This part is just referring to the pistol mags as the Ar mags are universal. Forward and Back.

Belt Attachments *

Product Description

Liion Defense’s Kangaroo mag pouch, the TDK, was designed through with the consultation of our LEO/MIL partners. The Triple Double Kangaroo is specifically built to hold 3 pistol and 2 AR/AK magazines of your choice and the flared tops will enable you to easily re-holster your mags without having to look down. It mounts securely onto your tactical belt, cummerbund, plate carrier, or MOLLE something-or-other.


Compact | Durable | Kydex | Steel Hardware | LIFETIME WARRANTY