TDK | Triple Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch


Tripple Double Kangaroo Glock pmag

TripleDouble Kangaroo mag pouch | Custom Kydex | MOLLE capible

Color-Away From Body

Color-Closest to Body

Pistol Mags

Rifle Mags

Carry Position

Built with body-curve- IF you are RIGHT HANDED say RIGHT as it will be worn on your left side.

Bullet Orientation

Usual is bullets forward with bullets on AR back. This part is just referring to the pistol mags as the Ar mags are universal. Forward and Back.

Belt Attachments

Product Description

Liion Defense’s Kangaroo mag pouch, the TDK, was designed through with the consultation of our LEO/MIL partners. The Triple Double Kangaroo is specifically built to hold 3 pistol and 2 AR/AK magazines of your choice and the flared tops will enable you to easily re-holster your mags without having to look down. It mounts securely onto your tactical belt, cummerbund, plate carrier, or MOLLE something-or-other.


Compact | Durable | Kydex | Steel Hardware | LIFETIME WARRANTY